Ryan Bobbett was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He began his musical journey at an early age, teaching himself how to play guitar and piano.  Almost immediately upon learning to play music, Ryan started writing songs to express his inner musical spirit.

Fast forward to high school, and Ryan took his first theatre class which led to the life of an actor.  He fell in love with the stage and performing in everything from plays, choir performances, and Broadway musicals.

After graduating from Durango High School, Ryan played in many bands and performed in many shows.  He even taught choir in the school district for a few years.  After which he then decided to commit his life to his first calling and deepest passion: songwriting.

When Ryan isn't writing songs and playing music, he loves to eat healthy and practice yoga and long-distance running.  He believes that full mind, body, and soul connection is the key to allowing optimal musical expression to occur.

After completing two demo albums, Cold Coffee and Catharsis, Ryan is currently in the studio working on his first full-length album.  His newest material is an eclectic fusion of folk, blues, hip hop, and even the kitchen sink as well. 

Always one to desire deep communication through music, Ryan is interested in collaborating with fellow musicians.  He will begin touring with his new music this fall.  According to Ryan, "When he plays music, the infiniteness of the universe feels palpable, and he becomes connected to all that is great and wonderful".  

Ryan has recently become a resident of the great state of California and will be spreading his music throughout the west coast.