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Forty-Eight Stars and Counting

Almost halfway to 100. My journey through the stars has been a fulfilling one.

I started the whole ideas as a way to get over my fear of playing my original songs, live and solo in front of audiences. I figured by the time I get to 100, surely I will be more comfortable doing so. Well, it only took about 5-6 stars for me to start feeling more comfortable.

By star 20, I was starting to feel used to playing live.

Now that I'm almost to 50, I am really starting to get into a groove. Playing has become routine enough that I am now able to really start improving my sound and my performance. The quality of my voice is consistent and most importantly, I am really starting to like the sound of it. That was not always the case.

I love singing and songwriting and I look forward to a future of wonder and awe, inspired by my passion to convene with the eternal mysteries of the universe through song.

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