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A forest is but a bunch of seeds, left to flourish to their collective potential.

This is my first blog ever. I am struggling to decide what to write about first. An early rise this morning has left my eyes heavy with fatigue. Each slow blink slightly longer than the last. Actually, sleepiness has caused Reverse Blink Syndrome (RBS). In this state, the eyes are neutral in a closed position, blinking open every few seconds. This, as opposed to remaining open and blinking shut at regular intervals, is challenging my ability to practice linguistic coherence. So far my blog seems to make sense, at least from what I can tell every few seconds.

In between my eyes blinking in reverse, I see and hear more vividly as my mind rehearses for its next dream performance. Not quite there yet, but I will be soon. That last cup of coffee, just not quite enough caffeine to counteract the pull of desired slumber. Rest I shall acquire, dreams swooping in swiftly. Until next time, and at last, I retire. Zzz. Zzz. Zzz.

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