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  • Ryan Bobbett

2nd open mic/star placement

My 2nd open mic was awesome! I was still a little nervous, and felt like my the timing of my breathing was off, making it difficult to sing. Nonetheless, it felt great being up on that stage. The audience sure seemed to enjoy it. They were singing along and clapping along at one point. I'm even finding more to talk about in-between songs, rather than just playing one after the other without saying much.

I used to try and put on a facade of one who has it all together. Mr. Cool Man Easy Going Performing Guru. But that was a lie I told myself to make life more comfortable. Now I am finally just being me. I don't have it all figured out. I do get nervous before going onstage. I spend a lot of the week fighting with my thoughts that tell me this is all just a stupid silly thing that will vanquish just as soon as it began. I am earning those 100 stars, no matter what.

Here are the 4 stars I have earned so far. I am still trying to decide what pattern or design to create with them. They sure do shine under the stage lights though. And for the discerning eye, yes, they are silver. They just catch the light so much better than gold. Potato tomato.

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